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Monthly Archives: October 2009


My homie Starfish guy has been making major moves working with Pipedreams and also doing a lot of freelance work.  Like all of us, payin dem dues.  He let me in on his new line, called Champagne Dreams.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect, i caught his vision, but for some reason i was thinking Affliction…NAH JOKE. Chek out this new shirt he is going to be releasing at Pipe D! I love the flip in this one, Getting that Bread Son!  Check out WWW.THESTARFISHGUY.COM cop this shirt and lay the Pipe, heheh! Support.


Went to Maui for my wifes 30th! Koltrane flies free, gotta take advantage! Off wee gooo.


We got to fly to Maui in a star wars destroyer…nah but it kind of looks like it.


Once off the plane, we headed to Stillwell’s in Wailuku.  This spot makes fresh bread on the daily.  The sandwiches are the beast!  I said best!


Chris at One-Eighty Board shop in Ka’ahumanu Mall.  This is the only core shop on Maui.  Chris has been supporting local skateboarding for over 5years.  Big up to B-boy Brandon who also helps out the shop!  Go check em out. cool braddahs.


Had to stop by the Creme.  Everytime i step into a Kreme i feels like i am in Orange County – Huntington Beach.


The Hyatt, pimped out place with water falls, bridges, flamingos, ducks, luau shows, all the hoooahhhh!


I found a game room with this Gem, i remember playing this every day after my paper route, i regret not playing it at least once.


You are probably wondering wat the heck is this?  The bag that lady has was designed by my homie Kama, this bag was every where.  All the tourist had it.  I hope Kama got a raise!


Isumu’s i think thats the name it was a Korean style sushi spot. The sushi had a korean flare to it. Good stuff.


Peggy Sue’s in Kihei, for a shake.  Roselani Ice Cream runs Maui!  Everyone only slang Rosie’s.  I for one would open a Bubbies on Maui and battle Rosey!


Yes alot of eating went down, and the last spot to get murdered was DA KITCHEN.  I rode the hype and it was decent.  I mean it was good. I rather eat a Rainbows Mix plate.


The Basil Tomato at Ka’anapali.  Good food, hella expensive, hot, but overall good.  We were sitting next to 3 drunk old people talking about going to church on sunday.  I hope thats not the Pastor and his wife.



Lightsleepers shirts at IN4MATION – PEARLRIDGE and on line @ WWW.ELESHAWAII.COM

If you never grew up in the 90’s and missed the mixed tape era, there are a bunch of cats that made the best mixes. One of those cats are G Bo the Pro and Double R. His tapes was on repeat all day up in the cassette deck. peep the tube. Knowledge drop!

I had to repost this one.  When i first seen it on the page i was taken aback and instantly texted Race, “Yo ad is supa dope, my ad sucks” I love the simple and impactful photo, that it actually makes me wanna skate. Raw front feebles on a ledge, wtf! feebs on a ledge is soooo Mike Carroll that you get mucho props from me and frontside, OHHHHH!


On the skate tip, In4 has opened up a new shop in Pearlridge and relocating all the skate to this shop! Whoa! Whats crazy is that means Crooks & Castles is coming to P-ridge, all my rich filipinos stand up, no fo’ real stand up, ohh you are standing up..nah joke.  They also have a in-shop pro, Darin Lee, well not pro but top 10 ever from Hawaii.  What yall know about Headside? Thats right OG son!  Congrats guys good things to come & welcome back to the Westside.


Its been almost 3 years since i was apart of Protoype in P-ridge. I believed i put together one of the best up and coming skate teams; First person was Wes aka. P-rod, then Larry Upchurch aka the Prodigy, also the OG – Bronson Gregory, and rounding off with Killer Mike G aka Prince of Kaneohe.  The Graff section was BANGING, and the artshows & writers benches were real – Pamala Young status (big up Lofa). Promotion was so money cuz Trip the Lights, Beatroot, & INERiTA was in full effect.  Things changed and Life moves on.  Learned a lot about the retail, fashion, politics, ownership, and all that Jazz.  Props to P-type and all the Blessings to you, thank you for everything…Peace.

Haven’t posted a sk8 related one in a while, but when Lofa told me about this i had to check it out.  J Webb, Mills vills finest goes for the mega ollie and while he tries to bail and kick his board out from him, i think one of his feet actually land on the board and the rest is pain history.  Hope he has a quick and onehundred recovery.

Then you got Dys Oner, with his own montage.  Stereo been showing Dyson nuthing but love since he been on that team.  We gotta find Webb a team like that.

Matt Chaffin, this kid has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe cuz he really reminds me of the hey days of skateboarding.  Baggy pants, shirts, fitted, and dope sneaks.  His style is sweet too.  Hawaiians doing it big.

KOAK, is one talented bugga and one of the most humblest homies.  If i could harnest a pinky of his talent i would be stoked.  He is the creator of the LS drip tag, something we been using for a while now.


Prolifik is opening a new spot within their screen printing deal.  Before the opening, they are doing a little facelift and adding a sick piece done my KOAK.  Check back for more pics…


One thing that KOAK does is draw out his tags when it come to doing it for a logo or design.  Most artists would just grab a chisel tip and rock a regular tag, scan, and tweek. Check this one out, homie did this a few years ago and i just found it recently, it looks like it could be a Halloween shirt – orange on black? Maybe would be sick. right!


I respect anyone that goes outs to bomb.  Its crazy how ditches, backyards, and legal walls have become dues paid for a “writer”.  For a while now kids been considering painting in ditches as putting in work and getting your ups.  I always considered that as a sterile environment, if you go at the write time and roll with the right people its all good.  From the ugly and sloppy to the clean and visual, this real american hero award goes to you. REEEALLLL AMMERRICANN HEROOOOO!

  • Going Bombing, nothing beats walking the streets and freeways while everyone sleeps and liberating the public space!
  • KTUH, thursday nights were golden, 10:15 throw downs, playing the most obscure and blatant Hip-Hop.
  • Making what you wear, “Street Wear”. Now, you have a category called “Street Wear” when before it was whatever you could rock and afford – Dickies, Ben Davis, Polo, Nautica, Nike, New Balance, North Face, Timberland, Bubble Jackets, Bubble vests, backpacks, Starter caps, Newera before 5950, and Champion gear.
  • Skaters being skaters that skated.
  • Rappers being rappers that can actually rap.
  • Men dressing like a man.  Guys rocking girl pants have chilled out, but i still see guys rocking skin tight and i hear their balls screaming for air…HELPPPPP Ussssss.
  • Going on trips with Omega 6, me and Sixer used to roll out.  We knew the only way we could get better and fresh is to go where the Bulls roam!  SD for B-boy Summit, LA for B-Boy Summit/RSC, SF- for Rob One show in San Jose,and NYC for RSC Reunion. Trav is Triple OG.  As much as 06 has disappeared from most Hip-Hop events, he done payed his dues and can still rip you a new one – freestyle, writtens, and on a website forum.
  • New York in July.  I got to sleep on Baje Ones couch in Brooklyn.  Catch trains all over the City.  Get hoodied up and walk thru projects i only seen in rap videos.
  • Touring with Nomasterbacks!  The most fun ever. Don’t count us out. We may have Ohana, but we do rock the best show!