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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I get home and from the long day on the grind and find the new Transworld and the new TOCA CD in the mail. Yes, the perfect combo sk8 & Hip-Hop, sigh of relief. Yup i bought the CD, i usually buy the wax and burn the CD. I won’t front yah i burn the CD, but i buy the 12″ and the LP so shut the lip if you don’t buy the CD! Toca is the homies!


They got the sick art work and the album is undescribable. Big ups to Ceschi, David, Xolo, TV, Max & Danny!
Please support and buy the TOCA CD.


I come to a conclusion its all about showing love! Even though mad politics get in the way of people keepin’ it real – i figure that neva will be my steez and i am always one to show love, give dap, and respect. On that note…

Stopped by the In4 shop, hella clean and the homies working were friendly. I am so glad i am out of the sneaker game. If this was 10 years ago i would be so broke but so fly! But as you know the Fitteds have been my uniform for over 15 years..


The Manik Fits are Luda! yo Fibes hook it up!

Being Hawaiian and Bleed it, i am down for Hawaii so support all the Hawaiians. And big ups for give my homie James a job, he’s a lightsleeper. E Mau Loa Aku.


LS sighting at Nextdoor, bro Chris fresh photo and everywhere! Big ups.
*side note, just a handful left get ’em at Prototype,MechaHawaii,&


Photo by SuperCW!

Man oh, man, BJ Penn did it up on Jans. From the get go he had ’em and if you noticed he let Jans out or a arm bar just to get him in a shoulder triangle, what the father! Now revenge Matt Huges then St. Pierre. Shaka to the Kanaka.


The homies at X to the T dropped a new site, and it is so L git!  Big ups Alert, Skid, & SP1. Big things, Hawaii’s on the come up.


the show went off, so many people came thru and all the proceeds went to the Ewa Beach Limu Project; the reforest native Hawaiian Limu for cultivation and to revitalize traditional farming!  Yes! This event had mad press and coverage its good to see all the artist get the shine.  God Bless everyone who supported, esp. Prototype for hosting the spot, Pamela Young for wearing crocs, and all the heads.

*big ups Why for the ghetto tube! Mahalos.

As you may be oblivious on what this sticker means, heres an over view Santa Cruz made these sticker back in the 80’s and was the dopest sticker to have it expresed the youth of that day!  So one day i was playing around with the letters and realized that it was exactly the same, S-K-A-T-E-B-O-A-R-D-I-N-G = L-I-G-H-T-S-L-E-E-P-E-R-S.  Yes!


…the Soundwave shirt is outties, got just a handful left. Please hit up for whatevers left. Big up to all who supported. Now, by the request of majority of the heads we bring to you the Optimus Prime + Lightsleepers, this is just the black and white but it is still banging! True blue, white, black outline, and red autobots symbol…whoa! Should be dropping by next week. Bles.


Honestly, when i woke up today it did feel a little different. I checked my email before running some errands and i see that i got a message from Jel of Anticon, he had a 12hr layover in Hawaii and that he was going to call me once he got off the plane to kick it! I was blown away, 1 because this cat made the music that was the soundtrack to parts of my college life and 2 i was trying to get him out here for the TRIP THE LIGHTS: Beat Root Finals! So yes yall, today was fresh!


Picked up Jel and we headed to TooGruvz to visit Viso, but as usually he wasn’t there. After that we headed to Magoos to get some grub. It was fresh, got to talkin how Subtle got robbed in Barcelona and that cause Jel not to have a cell phone, also that he worked with Wize Intellegent and was supposed to do a project with Brother J. Also that him and Dose was hooking up again for another Themselves album that according to Jel was going to be as ill as the first one, Yes! Peep Jel at Pali look out – his wig keeps gettin in the way?

The last stop before the airport was Jelly’s where i got Jel to do a glamor shot with his wax. It’s hella fun to go diggin with wax fiends that know their Hip-Hop history of 90’s/boombap/underground, its crazy to here the stories as we pulled out each record! While walking out peeped one of those floor stacks and Jel and i came up on some classics, Supa Cat – “Dolly Baby” and Outcatst – “Players Ball”…


Jel just released his Greenball 3 exclusive to, support this brother buy buying some of his music you might get it signed in November?  Big ups to Jel and Anticon.


My favorite place and unoffical sponsor for the Lightsleepers North Shore Cullinary Coalition is.  STORDO’S, the best sub sandwiches by far if anyone has a better spot, let me know, for now Stordo’s is all way my spot!




Don’t front, one day i goin’ be sponsored by dem and i hook everyone up, big up to Race i know he knows whats up!