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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Well we made it to Maui, with no time to chill. It was breakfast, paint, dj, lunch, and out!  Big ups to Chris and his Ohana, Brendan & JP @ Request Music, and Brandon for being the best host a guest could ask for.

Viewing Hawaii from a plane at the crack of dawn is one the the most peaceful and beautiful things in the world.

Diamond Head, crazy, imagine if is was active again! BOOM!

I was waiting for the green flash…nah joke, no matter how tired i was i knew that moments like this God is in control.

We need a couple hundred of these to help power Oahu.  Or we could hook em up to one poi pounder to make it easy?

Sam Satos, da bestests Dry Min.  What i wouldn’t do for another bowl of this.  Bugga was winnas, if this was in Oahu and open til’ 2, garens Millionaires!

After Sammy Sats, Brandon took us to I’ao Needle.  I totally forgot it was only 9:00am, i was wondering where all the tourist was?  Next time i am going to climb to thet top and jump into one of the fresh water pools.

For some reason i felt like i was supposed to mine for gold.

Brandon, and Lofa peeing in the stream, i told him that the fish can travel up you pee stream, but he neva listen, now he get talapia growing in his stomach, Auwe!

Not native to Maui, a Angry Woebot…

Typical self portrait.

We got VIP status and had Request Music open a half an hour early for us to go do a quick dig.

Lofa was looking for Bos Skaggs and Christina Agularia.  So i got to scoop all the break, haha!

Chris is the homie, great guy and really humble.  Please go check out their shop in Maui and support.

Woes decided to make a racoon, wtf, give em a panda already.

Jerico from made the trip with us.  Big ups to all the Maui heads, they helped make it a sucessfull event.

Racoons with red eyes, awww man.

Lofa was trying to be all Maui and laid back.  Change yo’ phone already.

Wow, those raccons were actually the illest pandas.  Props to all.


Yups, if i could be a pro at anything it would be skateboarding.  I find it funny that in rap battles, calling a MC a skater is a diss…Skaters are mo’ street than most of the rappers out.  Whatevers, the skateboard is far beyond white boys at the beach, its been in the Ghetto, its been in the hoods, its been in the suburbs, its been in the country side, and its been in the city.  This video is Hawaii’s version of Manny Mania, one thing was sad, NO original manny pads.  Besidcs that the skaters killed it!

…i love music, bottom line.  Yes, i am that Hip-hop guy, been that way since 9th grade but, its been about Good, Great, Soul, Heart, Music for so long.  I love records; Hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, fusion, funk, breaks, reggae.  I chose a long time not to buy a lot of reggae records only because i felt that i would be missing out on more Hip-hop/breaks stuff.  Since i missed a lot of reggae records, i really want to put out reggae 45’s, like how i been putting out Hip-hop.  Anyway this is one song i would love to put out on a split 45 – Hawaii Reggae on one side & Hawaii Hip-hop on the other.  Wouldn’t that be soulful!


Seriously, todays rappers are weak! Lyrically, voice, delivery, all paper tigers(pun intended)!  I work with teens 16 -18 years old and they tell me “Sir check out so and so…” so i peep it, and i have to swallow my pride and let them rave on.  Wiz Khalif and Yo Gotti is a few artists that the kids told me to spock?  Man, are you serious?  What phase is rap in?  What do we call this?  These rappers don’t spit no substance, i thought the jiggy era was bad, damn these guys are borderline, gay!  Its like you can start rapping, use your fruity loops, post it on youtube and now you official.  I got love for Hawaii, but we got a few of these “rappers” here, now you can’t blame ’em cuz all their influences are these fruity bunch of loops, so i bite my tongue and hope that as they get further in the game they realize that it you aint rapping with heart, fire, power, style, etc…you don’t belong.  One thing constant is time will tell and we won’t hear of majority of these cats.  For you young kids study: Rakim, KRS-One, Organize Konfusion, Leaders of a New School, 3rd Bass, Brand Nubian, Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Freestyle Fellowship, The Nonce, Souls of Mischief, Too Short, E-40, DJ Quick, i can go on….

In no way am i saying bring back the boom bap, just keep lyrics dope, delivery original, and be able to write, freestyle, battle, rock a crowd and command presence.  Now beats are a different beast, i will leave for later. Keep it Fresh!

Last Sunday after spending some time in the house of Jesus, i made a trek to the East Syyyyydeeee.  Kaneohe Skatepark, one of my favorite parks to skate, always a chill session, and windward skaters are not as aggro as town.  ASH & Red Bull threw a version of Manny Mania, but called it Battle of the Manual?  I honestly thought that there was going to be some obstacles build, but this is what i saw when i got there…

The ‘Aina saying, “brah i not gonna let you skate til’ you make me one lava rock laualu”.  Typical windward side move by the Mountains, but like any skater knows that been skating on the east, get chance fo’ clear up bu.

There were only 2 brooms and Chuck and his homie was the sweepah crew.  Next time they should give free something to anyone who brings a broom/squeegie.

If you was Avil Lavine? you would be all wet, from the rain, cuz of all the skater boiz…yes i did spell “boiz” the gross way.  Big ups Mike G, Sterling, Kyle, and sad Lofa.

Yes, this is the same day, amazing right? I forgot his name but he was trying kf/nose manual/nf out.

The said this was Kaikea, i’m guessing the same Kaikea that had the bush hair and was like 4 feet tall.  Crazy when puberty hits you it like boom!  Fake tre flips to switch manny.

By far one of my favorite skaters in Hawaii.  Jason Park.  Even before he became super consistent with all his combo of tricks i was a fan.  His attitude should be duplicated by all skaters, he has FUN.  I know this pic looks like he didn’t land but i bet he did and probably did a jelly mambo sex change varial to 540 big spin out…

Danny is that kid, smooth and got that ill tricks, not yet Chaffin good but right there.  I know some people might disagree, but Chaffin got that Stezzzzzyy and a manual trick bag that owns Hawaii.  Danny im thinking this is a switch heel to nose manny.  I got a bunch of footy i am editing so i will post is asap. Props to all who entered, everyone killed it.  Oh and Chaffin and Danny was doing all their tricks up the big boy way! over knee high pop!  Boosta!

Yes, a local video. I figure i give props to the few local bands that have impressed me and give me hope in local music. I don’t know if Malino is still around but this has got to be one of my favorite Local Jams out. This is one of the few.

Aceyalone is a Godfather of style in Hip-hop.  He is a complete MC.  He can straight rap, you know that “hip-hop, hippity, hip-hip, hop you don’t stop”.  Ace can MC, “Move the Crowd”, work the stage, demand attention, and exude energy.  Freestyle, i seen Ace battle 2 dudes on the stage and straight clown ’em.  Give him a topic and he will flex.  He can write a song and put together a perfect album.  “All Balls don’t Bounce”, Aceys first solo album created moods, covered various topics, and lyrically stands the test of time.  “Book of Human Language”, the best concept Hip-hop album ever made, yes you will think i am crazy for saying that, but can you name another Hip-Hop concept album?  Ace, styles hard. One of the OG’s of the Chop he can Chop with the best of ’em.  Yes, i am bias because i grew up on Aceyalone and he is one of my favorite MCs, but i would put Acey up against any MC out.

I do remember i had a home girl that worked at the Contemporary Art Museum, i had mention to her that they should start incorporating “street art” and i could get a few homies to paint the busted up tennis courts.  She said no it wouldn’t be in the interest of the Museum.  A year later or so, they had the Barnstormers come in and do up the courts.  Since then Angrywoes and a bunch of other artists have hit up the CAM.  Not saying i was the one, but i do believe that they had no choice but to jump on the bandwagon.

Brother Eukarest laced one of the walls at CAM. He has a original style and brings a twist.  He recently got down with the Seven Letter, good look and great exposure.

Ckaweeks, is a monster. The only fixie to be on the Lightsleepers team and Sleeper hold master.  To get the magnitude of this burner you gotta go check it out.  If all pans out this will be seen in the next Contrast Magazine.  Whoot Whoo!