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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A photo of a prime rib slab? What the heck!  I am sorry if i get all sentimental but i never in my wildest dreams i thought i would be eating something i usually eat at a Hotel or a Smancy restaurant.  I remember when i was a kid rockin’ food stamps at Sunray Market.  We only had a turkey on Thanksgiving.  I forgot what we had for Christmas, but i am sure it wasn’t nothing like this.  I just wanna send my prayers and confidence to all the people that fell on hard time, that work a honest living.  All the kids that see their parents working two or more jobs.  Work hard, keep it clean, screw drugs, stay in school, value the little money you have, & value all the time you have to be productive.  It took me a while and a lot of questioning EVERYTHING and doubt but i came to a final conclusion that you need Jesus in your life.   Peace.


I guess people can say they are blessed to have money & materialistic things.  Which might not be wrong to say, it is a blessing to have loot & that new Knetic for Xbox.  I would say within the past few years i have been blessed with awesome people that fit right in to the fam.  A year or so ago the homie Vezzen from Vallejo moved here and befriended Sir Slouch & Observ, he is a blessing because he brings that edge for music that comes with being younger and being from Cali, but yet he has roots planted in great music in general.  DJ Enjay i consider a blessing to LS.  I remember when he was on the come up just learning the in’s & out’s of DJing.  Now he has carved his niche by being able to rock the breaks as well as mix it up with dope Hip-hop and even knowledgeable about Top 40. I was DJing the World of Dance and one of the promoters asked why i didn’t spin the “All Style Battles”.  I told him, “I could do it but i know that my homie Enjay could do it better and he is up on the new ish that takes to rock a dope All Style Battle”  She was amazed that a Dj or anyone in fact would lay it down and concede that someone was better at doing something.  I told her, “it don’t matter to me who is djing, as long as the people who hear it know that the Lightsleepers is coming with that dopeness”.  I always get people coming up to me saying that i must be making mad loot cause i always talk about being blessed, in hard times & good times, but most of the times its the blessing of having awesome & talented people around me that are the biggest blessings.  Mahalo to all the writers, artists, mcs, djs, designers, business owners, & supporters.  God Bless.

I need a new laptop bad! To record music & format designs.  Im believing in hard work, the token filipino side job, & dreaming big.  How about we add in a new Rane Mixer!  Yes i need to put these wishes out in the air.  Lets go and believe. Merry Christmas.

I buy records.  I haven’t been buying anything recently.  Big ups to record shops in Hawaii, but i need to open my shop already.  Majority of the records i buy on-line is records that i will never see in a Hawaii record shop, thats just the reality.  Yes, most likely i will be selling those records to Keoki, Observ, Vezzen, Lofa, Joe Dub, Lauren, and Oliver, but we gotta start somewhere and at least i will be moving wax.  Need to build the culture up!  Props to Damu the Fudgemonk, copped that last clear 7″ at Thanks Norm.

Im not one to jump on electronic gadgets quick fast.  So when the Flip Camera came out i was impressed but not.  I really digged my Mini-DV cam it doesn’t shoot in 720 but i think it does justice.  Recently i been itching to do music videos for my music.  I believe you can have someone that is dedicated to do a music video for you but spend time explaining and hoping that they see your vision for the video OR you can do it yourself have fun and good or bad its still content.  You know me i love the hands on, so i pick the latter. So thats when i started to find a easier and economical way to record video.  Yes Flip came out with a 1080p, but i knew there had to be something out there cheaper and with more features.  Ran across the KODAK ZI8, it has all what the Flip has plus, a mic output, a flash drive thats able to hold 32 GB, able to connect to a AC adapter for unlimited power, and the list goes on.  I was about to dish out the full amount but decided to wait, and BAM!  A random black friday google search and Kodak had a sale for 40% off the camera.  Top that off with a wide angle fish eye lens modification that i am going to do in a week or so.  Get ready for a media rich 2011.