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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Met up with Jehsoul and O6 for some grubbery at the Winds mall and 6 told me about the funniest tag ever.  So i took a flick and nodded my head in agreement. JESUS RULES!


Been ultra critical on the Fits, 1 i’m broke, 2 i haven’t been feeling the heat personally.  Once when i thought everything was cooled off, BAM! Fitted comes firing with this blazer of a fit! The tech is amazing, wool, denim, ahhhh. check for more insight, i’m cop this fast.

Kings of Style, Ab, Ace, Myka, and PEACE.  These cats is in my heart!  I was talking to my homie and we were talking on how the hardest song today couldn’t even match an NWA or Cube track.  The beats are all thin computer beats and the MCs are hella weak.  The rap is so airy, paper thin, i could create a list and hurt feelings but they know who they are.  This tube is a reminder of what is raw, hard, and true!

That Guy Shaun has his ‘Love Movement’ art show at Prototype in Pearlridge. The show runs til’ May 26th and all pieces are for sale. Support SC, he is trying to raise money for his missions trip and school in the phillipines. These are just a few pieces on display. Beautiful.

Original, with all the graff and 2-D cartoony iconic art coming out in droves SC is keeping all artists in check! Big ups Shaun!


Big ups to Melissa Moniz and the Midweek for showing love the past 2 weeks. Good to get a little press to help move along these CDs. Will be rocking a few show in the coming months, GenuineHI, Nextdoor, Borders, and working on album release party. Thank for the support people. Cop that CD at the following spots.

and online @

Gotta love the college atmos, UH sucks at the college atmosphere. They don’t support free concerts or fun on campus events. They would love to get rid of KTUH. So when i get to rock a college i thing of my alumni and how de be weak.

Set up the spot and we are ready to rock, DJ Snoz warming up the tables.

Spokane has a limited amount of Hip-Hop Artists. We meet Locke back in 99′ and he been grinding for Spokane with his DJ Paraphin. Please check out



Temper T, he is holding it down for Lightsleepers on the Northwest, look out for him and Ajax Starglider on some tracks.

Sentr1c, is the scientists on the MPC, because of him i now know that majority of the people rocking MPC’s are not using it to its full potential, but not everyone is Sen!

Dj Mems, he is the travellers traveller? He is a funny guy, but the fam helped him acclimate nicely. Get your ear muffs, blinders, and airborne up son!

Stunned, shocked, and amazed at the fact that they witnessed NMB & KTC, wow!

Bye, Bye, to Seattle, Spokane and hello to Hawaii. I don’t know how you can live in SEA? Can’t skate or go to the beach, always gotta stay warm, and people are not that nice, well some of them are. Visiting is cool. Big ups to all who supported.

…Day 2, NMB had 2 fly out at 6am and i slept in till 9 and mobbed out to go digging. I had to catch my flight at 7pm, i thought would be enuff time, but nope, man never enuff time for digging. I also squeezed in a skate session @ innerspace.

First stop, Everyday Music; nice selection and it opened the earliest. I forgot how expensive records in other cities were, 3 bucks a pop. Dang i went straight to the dollar bin and 45’s and copped a sweet drum break that me and Sentr1c chopped up later that night on his 2500XL.

This is the GOODS, i was super excited to cop me a fitted. I walked in and it was cool but the vibe was iffy. I mean not that someone is supposed to be beggin’ for you service but i was about to drop a bill on the place but decided not to just because i wasn’t feeling it. ***note*** customer service is everything, even if the person is just looking you never know they might come back and drop some major billage!

Ahhh, here we go you know how i feel right? One less skateboarder! Honestly, i only got love for BMX heads. Got a bunch of friends that are FIXED, but whatever floats your boat i just am so anti-trendy and its sad to see people i know that never even own a bike since they were 9 all of a sudden spend 3G’s on a bike from a island off of PagoPago? I guess i just have to wait until this one dies down!

I gotta get up! I think i capped some Rogue Status stickers, but whatever they got Rob Dydrek wearing their cloths on MTV, they don’t need anymore ups! LIGHTSLEEPERS UPS!

Inner Space, one of the few Seattle in door skate parks, cool cats. Flying Coffin, always has demos in this spot. I expected the locals to kill it, but it was just a bunch of Groms, but they were cool and fun to skate with. I love the look of those kids eyes when they do a simple trick, i love skateboarding.

This i think is 1 of the 3 Jive Time records, due to No Time i hit this one last. Man, i am a record fiend, but these old dudes in there were Einstein of Wax, i was super intimidated. Mr. Miyagi steez, i asked a few questions to get a feeling and then i said i was from Hawaii, they then proceeded to love me. Now, i gotta go search for some rare Hawaiian records to trade them for some breaks…Hawaii da best BU!

This is just a small taste of Seattle and Jive Time!

Caught the plane that evening to Spokane to meet up with the Crew and we ended practicing in Temper T’s kitchen. TT, got it made in Spokane ,sweet pad. Hopefully we will be rocking Washington St., Washington, Seattle U, Gonzaga, Western Washington, and Whitworth this winter for a Northwest tour…part 3 coming up…

As you might know NMB, Mems, Sen and I made a trip to Seattle and Spokane to rock a show. Well we supposed to have a few but it all panned out to just 1. Sentr1c, now lives in Sea-town and been repping hard with Johnny Tsunam these past months. Did you hear the recent track by Sen and Tsunam? Motormouth, maybe ill leak it on here later, but anyway here is Spokane Part.1. Enjoy?

I left Hawaii when it was looking like Seattle, wtfunk? Dang Pele going off on the Big Island, blame the Weather-Brainstorming that is!

Yah, my camera is like negative 5 megapixels, this is the only pic i took while driving past the Qwest Field. Waiting for Canon to knock on my door to drop off a 20-D or sumthing.

Straight off the plane to the Braille, Pigeon John, Omega Watts show. PJ kills, not to many solo artists can rock a crowd like pigeon can. He did all his classics and new joints. BJ rules.

KTC & PJ are “Bug eyed bandits” is called the new album!

After the show we ate at a high class establishment call, Chateau I-Hop?

Wade, on the phone with his agent he should be releasing his NeoSoul album out this fall…nah joke, i believe he is releasing his second Solo. if you didn’t pick up his first “Orthos Pura” damn you sleepin’. The first couple of heads to comment me on myspace: i will give you Wades CD for free…say i want WADE!

Dj Memoirs made the trip he was cold all the time, i never thought that one man could be that cold. But NMB & KTC vow to break him in, next tour Alaska!

Well focused on his drink to a point where he was able to drink his diet coke without the use of a straw.

I don’t know what day it was but the freaks came out that night.  Drag-On review in the hizzy.  i had to make covert to snap this pic over Wells shoulder.  I wish you could of seen the haole dude harrassing the pack of Debutants, he was about to get his as beat with wigs, 6inch heels, and silly cones.

This is my map, this is the map i bought at 11pm because they shut down a bridge that would of took me to the club in 5 minutes, but instead i drove around for 30 then stopped at a Safeway to ask for directions.  Google Maps, ahhhhh! Don’t fail me please again.

KTC & Omega Watts, he is 1/3 of Lightheaded and a dope MC and Producer.  I mean he has to be to be signed to Ubiquity.  Cool cat we got to eat with him at I-hoppers.  He was friends with a few Hawaii transplants that went to the same Church as him, see God Hooks it up once again…

This was the first night, NMB flew to Spokane the next morning and i stayed in Seattle to dig and skate, then i took off to Spokane later the next evening…Part 2 coming up…

Got the drop today of TV Head CD’s also locked down a digital distro for Lightsleepers. Big ups to NMB, they got a some music used in a comercial in Japan, i’ll let Well tell you in their new blog;, super stoked for them big ups to Chris@CommonGround. Also huge thank you to

Deeskee@LA2theBay,, for picking up the new CD on the strength. Also, Kawika@Borders for the Borders Distro Chain; look for another fun instore soon. Plus, Speedy@Stylus, Viso@Toogruvs, Lily@Jellys for also selling TV head and Lightsleepers Titles, more soon to be added.

We are this close to a New Era, hint, hint, 🙂

So the Roots got this new video with a new vibe i like it different but still “indy rock” funky.  There is mixed reviews so you what you think?

I still LOVE this era of roots, so feel good and i wanna cypher up so bad! If you don’t get the ich to rhyme to this beat, wake up!