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Monthly Archives: July 2011

I aint a designer, i am not a illustrator, i am not a web designer….what i am is someone that is willing to learn, work harder than the next, and make it happen, all the while learning on the way.  Well i was listening to the FAB 5 and was thinking about how now days rappers say “beast” or “beasting” so i started to chop up a design to say “beast”.  Well the whole beast concept changed to more of a Grizzly bear and the saying “when i roar like a grizzly they say damn he gets busy”.  This is what i came up with. Soon to be seen on a shirt or some ish.  Don’t sleep. i will Roar!


Another year has past and it seems the older you get the more it becomes less important to others, even loved ones.  I understand that life seems to be way more precious as we are youth.  Still you got to celebrate life everyday, and even more when it is your born day.  That is why i am a firm believer of self birthday gifts.  If one day of your year you have every right to get what you want, even if its outside of your mean, by damn well, GET IT.  This year my gift from God was my beautiful bouncing baby girl, Calie.  What more could a father ask for but a healthy baby girl and since my bundle of joy came 5 days before my birthday, my birthday became obsolete.  I have no problem with this the gift of a childs life is way more rewarding and memorable then that of a thirty something.  So as many apologies i got from family and friend for not celebrating my birthday…it was all good cuz in the mail is a SP404sx…thats right time to chop up some beats.  I love my EPS-16+ & MPC 2000xl but at this time i don’t have space.  I need a more compact and user friendly machine.  So as i wait for it to come in i am trying to figure out how the HECK am i going to pay for it. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee. Stay blessed, Don’t sleep.

This time last year i was driving down from LA just finished chilling with my homie that does Design work in LA.  I had a dope dinner at In & Out burger and i was ready to drive down to SD.  By far one of the best trips ever.  Who would of thought that one year later i would be blessed with a brand new baby girl.  Crazy, right!  Now the quest is to find away to pay for the whole Ohana to the mainland do a little vacay, handle Agenda in Anaheim or LB, and do Comic Con again.  Can’t it be done? I know a few people don’t believe so…cuz they think i crazy.  But if i was to tell you last year on this day i was gonna have a new baby…i would of called you crazy. Well not really.  Disneyland x Agenda x Comic Con x Crailtap x Stoner park…FOR THE WIN!!!

Bodega went down. I know i blasted this one out in 1 month, but i needed to make space in my house.  Since we only had a short time to promote only 5 vendors came thru; not including Me, Observ, Oliver, Fame, Wade, & Osna.  None of the old dudes with super old gems came thru, that bummed me out.  What also bummed me out was that the word was Hungry Ear didn’t want to vend at Bodega because they felt we didn’t promote hard enuff.  I know we had only 1 month but c’mon…do you know anybody else trying to bring together the vinyl community – young & old?  NO! And if you got a problem then help fix it, be a part of the solution.  I really want those old dudes to sell wax, it brings a lot of character and history that needs to be past on to us.  Anyway with or with out whoever, we gonna keep on plugging away…why cuz we love records and we love music.  There is no better way to listen to music than on vinyl. Is Final. Don’t Sleep

Seriously why blog? When there is Facebook!  Blogs used to provide you with the up to date info on whatever your cup of cake is.  If you are a hypebeast you go to hypebeast.  There are shoe blogs, tech blogs, food blogs, cat blogs, dog blogs, and a blog for everything.  My tip to anyone that is starting a blog or is bloging is to keep it personal, express opinions, and don’t DON’T recycle info! I hate when 3 blogs post the same thing, are you serious! Do the work, get the exclusive, use your brain! Worst is in Hawaii, its like a chain reaction…one blog or publication will interview an artists and guess what like donkeys everyone else will start jocking that artists and do interviews.  It goes back to recycled info…dude, why do a blog when you just jacking interviews or ish from other sites and blogs?  Thats where facebook is king’in it! You can find out personal info, opinions, and all up to date!

So that raises the point, “Why am i bloging?”  I do this blog to express my opinions and views that you won’t find on Facebook or on And on the real, its good to speak your mind, if you the reader like it or not.  So thanks for reading and start a blog, but try to keep it original…shoots now i can go back on facebook. LOL!