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Monthly Archives: August 2007

A had a quick lunch break and i went back to the hood, the barrio, the roots…Kapahulu!  Rainbows Drive Inn, All Day!  You know how we do Mix Plate Gravy Ova errytime cuz!  Oh, don’t forget the slush float. Hollaloha.



What a Deal! A did another pre-order of the MF Doom – MM. Food vinyl release! I ordered it all the way from Boston’s, the reason? they threw in a free MFDoom mixtape, poster, and sticker and that all on top of the limited wax w/a DVD of Doom live show…yes. Talk about stoked, i had a chance to buy the CD but serious, boring.



THNK, of the HAWAIIAN KNIGHTS, Hawaii’s only graff mag from the 90’s to early 2000 rallied this book over a 5 year period!  He showed off a test run at Primes pa’ina!  From what i seen flipping thru the book, and mark my words…this is the Best Solo Graffiti Artists book out!



Since i never lived, only visted and stay in the mainland, i don’t know anyone else that did more Whole Cars and rocked it as hard as KATCH 1

I had a debate that Kid Koala show was better than Z-Trip, Shadow, or any other DJ that came thru.  Oliver Twist and MattRatt were in up rage when i said that!  Kid Koala is my home boy.  Big up Canada!


Kid Ko did the INXS paper flipage.  He also had a small camera focused on his tables.  One thing me and Jami noticed is that he smiled all the way thru!  The return of the Happy DJ!  I don’t know where they went but i decided that i will carry on Kid Ko legacy and make my face Happy! Her dat Jami!






Overall, it was a great night we had the LISTEN SKATEBOARD preemo early in the night and Kid Ko killed the spot with smiles, so heres to smiles all around!

Bo Ikeda, was that guy.  He was a pro skater for Vision and we all looked up to him.  At that time he was one of the few Asian pros.  Bo had a hella smooth style and a killer back tail on ledges.  I remember skating with him at Kaimuki Park and just sitting down and watching.


Big ups to G-Dog, G-Owens, and Bo Ikeda!  Now we should find Bryce Gibo and John Martin.

Pre-Ordered the Evolution III about a month ago and it finally came in!!! When was the last time you bought a B-Boy DVD? When was the last time you event went to a B-Boy Jam? Gut Cheka!!!


Evo III, is brought to you by really stepped it up. The jam is always thrown in Florida and really brings together the NYC power with the West tricks. Thanks for you time i am going back to watch it….Chocolate all over like a almond joy.

Found these at the Adee das outlet i thought they were fresh til’ death, but chels was like what the heck? Well it was  my birfday a week or so ago and i got this late give from the Ms.  I think there fresh!


First, big up to brother Yuki at Kicks ward! And big up to whoever in the Kicks fam that made this sickness Hawaiian fit, i love ’em.  I had to cop both, as you might not know i gave up on the shoe game years ago, but the fits are 4 life!


Sidenote, when clubs don’t let people rock hats to clubs what the heck does that mean? Most of the fits heads where now days are more expensive than the shirt dey rocking!  An a ill fit is totally apart of getting fresh.  Man i can’t go nowhere with out a ill cap.  Wake up Club Owner, this aint back in the day where a hat was stereotypically linked to gangs!!!

Have you ever got this?  Delt big slick suited and the flop drops 7 – Q – J clubage, then 10 clubs, then the 9 spades.  Scooped a grip cuz i raised before the flop, all in, got a call then busted dem up!  Anybody got a game, hit me up. Call me James Bond aka Royal Flush!!!


I always loved the way Peter Smolik skated, even back in the days of Osiris & Shortys always diging the steez. Peep the trailer, still rocking the sag in the pants, YES. While all of my peeps moved on to “ball huggers” and tell me grow up…i see Smolly and stand proud with my crack out!

*Incase you forgot who Peter Smolik was!!!!