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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Stopped by Leilow the other day to chop it up with Jules Gayton, the owner, world famous DJ, Triple OG Skater, Stussy OG, and vinyl junkie!  His shop is a step above the rest, its one of those niche shops.  Supreme, Alife, Original Fake, NBHD, & Stussy.  One of the few people that i can listen to talk to me about Hip-Hop and Skateboarding History and stories.

I had to take this pick, to me Jules is in the same league as Bobbito, Dante Ross, Beni B, Lance Mountain, and Ron Allen.  I know one day i can look back and be like, “Yo i got to kick it with Jules”.  We chopped it up and he feels the same way i feel about serato, vinyl, music on the radio, the kids.  As he was talking he told me he called “Stretch” to ask him what was some new music he was feeling.  In my head i was like “he can just call stretch armstrong, on the second” Wow!

Jules will be selling records at BEATROOT BODEGA! and spinning a set, Saweeeet.  He let me know that he will be sorting thru his vinyl collection and selling select titles in the shop.  Stop on in and tell ’em Kavet sent you.  You also gotta check out his portable! Japanese, another niceness.

Diggin’, Jules got crates, he just need times to sort thru ’em.  Check periodically i saw some stuff, but i didn’t have money.  Side note:  Crooks and Castles is not “Hip-hop”  but the straight def of Hip-hop is B-Boy, MC, DJ, Graff.  Just because Jay Z and Slim Thug is rocking your ish don’t make it Hip-hop. Yes Rappers rock their clothing and i guess the relationship is there, but ahhhh.   And this is no way a diss to Crooks, but when some kid tells me, “Crooks and Castles is going to be there thats Hip-hop”  They make clothes and do it well.  Its about the Trenches, the cyphers, the dirty hands, the a marker in your pocket at all times, when your hand emulates scratches with no will, its about the “Hip-hop hand”.   C & C makes lifestyle clothes and if so happens your life style is “Hip-hop” thats the extent, but just because “they” will be there it don’t make it a Hip-Hop event.


“But most unfortunately, you’re forsaking a very good and creative thing that we’ve all helped build because you’ve been convinced (by yourself and/or others) that it’s not relevant anymore.  Just because it’s not relevant to YOU.  Don’t shoot yourself in the boot, friends.  Streetwear was the past for all of us, but for The Hundreds, it’s the present, and it’s still very much the future.(see full article)

Had some time to jaunt around town.  Haven’t been to the Stussy store in a while.  A long while in fact.  I was hoping to chat it up with my homie Ian Okui.

I knew of Ian when he used to kill contests.  Later i met him up at City Mill in Mililani, skating nights.  All the Mills Vills would be up at the parking lots of City Mill in Mills.  Later he worked with T&C, BH, and now Stussy.  He is OG headphones and cassette player, i think him and Steve Olson (Foundation/Shortys) was the OG’s of headphones while skating.  Ian did win Hawaii’s last ‘Es game of skate and kills it on the reg.

Sneeze, a big mag with a dope box outside of Stussy. Dig the vibe, but who has $2.00 of change?  Props doe.

Yo LEGO STORE, did i say LEGO STORE! What a wall of inspiration.  I would love to take a bucket of every color and shape.  This is what went down around town.

As we all get older, for some reason at least one of your friends will be come a Real Estate Agent.  Not saying that they will be successful, but you will know somebody.  Proud to say i know a few and the few i know have grinded extra hard to be on top.  It must be hard in Hawaii cuz you start figuring out that Hawaii is only so small and only so many houses to be flipped.

Well, Lofa got the inside track on this waiting line for new condos by Ward.  The deal was be the first 3 and get a cool gift.  So Lofa recruit Joe Gosalvez and I.  Since both of those guys go to school full time and work part time they could camp for a few days. I for one had to handle the Ohana duties and i only parked for a night stay.  Let’s say it was well worth it.

Number 2, this line puts to shame all shoe, hat, black friday lines why?

Number 1, Free soda and water.

Number 3, Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Number 4, They brought in Porta Pottys, but the Design Center bathrooms were open til’ 10pm.

Number 5, we got to camp in a parking lot, no rain, no snow, no wind, no worries.  Plus, the typical snotty big wigs that would usually shun guys like us became our homies and ended up talking story with us.  My wife thought i was crazy, but its an experience and we got a nice gift.  Big ups to all the homies that decided to become Real Estate agents, love yah.

Got the call from Snafu (Brooklyn, NY – Junk Science) that he was coming to Hawaii for a little VayCay.  I found some time to take em to Makapu’u Hike and to the “pole” to jump.  The day was bangin’ from jump and when i say bangin’ i mean, pow, boom, bang.

This place according to Snafu is one of his most fav places on earth.  It’s the first look out after the gun range.  Snaf, absolutely went bonkers! Hence the picture above.

Alexis and Snaf with that NY step.  NY women got a way different steez from Hawaii, its like they roll out of bed and BAM! they are all flyed up.

On the phone I guaranteed that we are going to have a 75% chance of seeing whales, i totally pulled that number out of my ase.

Now that is a whale of a smile, ohh come on Jesus make that 75% come true!

Doesn’t that red top just POP! Back in the days, my homies and me, props to Kelaula & Ants, we used to 4 wheels the trails of Allan Davis and hike up that mountain before they paved it.  The gate to get to the lighthouse never used to have bobbed wire and razor wrapped around it, so you could easily get to the house.  Ahhh, back in the days.

YES! Whales. I only seen whales a few times in my life and I never am bored and not amazed.

Switched gears and checked out the abandoned bunkers up top. I wondered what this place looked like during the WW2.

Cactus Face!

Kavet the Cactus Face.

I caught a fish this big!

We hiked down the trail and headed to the lower trail that leads to the jump spot.  Snaf, went off! Front flip first jump. Never been to this spot before and flipped out.

How do you end a hike and swim. Shave Ice, son! Ice Cream and Condensed milk. Boom!

I have been seeing this spot the past year or so poppin’ up on peoples pics and youtubes.  I honestly never knew where it was until i was looking at a picture on line and instantly it clicked!  Back in the day we used to go 4-Wheeling over there and bodyboard out side of this little cove.  Word has it there was choke sharks beyond this cove, but you know when you are young and rolling with all your friends – sharks or no sharks you chance ’em.  I am figuring that the LOST TV show put the Telephone pole there or some supa strong moke action went down.  Hiking to this spot really brought back memories of my good friend Kelaula’s first Bronco that we used to take on the trails over here.  Gregory, Bob, Yellowman all day.  Big ups to your youth!