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..before i edit Know Your Roots: HI Graff part 3 with Dmize, i wanted to lay these thoughts down.  I had the honor to talk story and enter the mind of the homie Keoni Payton.  I’ve know him and his OG crew, AN, for over 15 years.  Ive broke bread with them, went on trips to the mainland, did music, and had fun times, the only thing is i’ve never had was a long conversation with Keoni.  Although we was always at the spots, clubs, and events, for some reason or another i never got to really chop it up with brotha.  I would bump into him every now and then, give some pounds, ask howzit? then move on, so this was the first time i had a conversation longer than 5 minutes.  The 3+ hours i spent with him was thought provoking, deep, insightful, exciting, and educating.  I left the interview with a new found respect and astonishment.  Its hard to explain but i hope after i chop up the video and post it up it does some justice being there live. Only love and respects goes out to Keoni Payton and the whole Pineapple Clan!

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