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KTUH turns 40, that is crazy!  I remember like it was 3 days ago when i had a show at 3am!  Eventually, i moved to Thurs, 9-12am!  And the LS was born, from radio, to tape, to cd, to shirt, to event, to….


TRAV 15, very cool cat!  I wish i got to work with him more often.  He is the General Manager and the reason why KTUH is so cool.  I respect that he is elevating KTUH!  3000 watts of pure Mana!


TRAV 15, is heading up a documentary on KTUH.  He has to do a gang of interviews with past and present DJ’s!  I am so blessed to be chosen to have a spot in the doc. I hope i don’t end up on the cutting room floor!


This is my Geico eyes.  I had to look at my friend the Red Green burner bandit while i got interviewed.  I can’t wait till it comes out!


When asked where would i like to be interviewed, of course i said the vinyl vault.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get interviewed their!  Classic!


Short story, B-ROCK, my man Brock – R.I.P. used to run the vault.  He used to repair the records and he knew a gang on Jazz, Funk, Classic Rock, and Soul.  I would spend hours on end just asking questions and trying to get him to show me the breaks.  To make the story short, at one point the Gustapo came to take some heads off at KTUH.  They wanted to boot all who was not enrolled in school, that included Me and B-Rock!  Lets just say that B-rock understood that dj’s need doubles of a record to catch the break, and he gave me a lot of doubles of certain records!  I came up hard!  Long live KTUH!


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